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Solutions for Performance Development and Growth

The AltrexPS Solution is a systems-approach to performance development. We can help you build a development process to meet your performance goals within your budget requirements. Start by downloading an assessment checklist to rate your organization?s readiness then contact us for the next step: a performance needs assessment.

Are you an experienced facilitator, but don't have time to develop training yourself? Our programs can be facilitated by your trainers using our complete trainer guides (guides include scripted seminars, PowerPoint presentation materials, participant guides, video/DVD).  Lengthy certifications are not required or necessary! 

Need an experienced facilitator to help?
  Our experienced facilitators can conduct the training at your location and at your convenience. 

Whether you need a complete curriculum or just a specific skills workshop, Altrex Performance Systems can help.

We are able to customize - deliver - and provider trainer resources for the following topics - and more!


  • Achieving Communication Excellence
  • Building Better Communication
  • Communicating Up @
  • Easy and Effective Presentations
  • Workplace Effectiveness


  • Harassment Awareness and Prevention
    • For Supervisors (California)
    • Employees
  • Safety


  • Building Effective Client Relationships
  • Customer Service SkillMap
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers @
  • Delivering Customer-Focused Service @
  • STAR Service @
  • Winning Through Customer Service @


  • Customer-Oriented Selling
  • Everything DiSC? Sales
  • DiSC-Powered Selling


  • Essential Skills of Leadership @
  • Essential Skills of Communicating @
  • Coaching Job Skills
  • Developing and Coaching Others
    • For Supervisors
    • For Senior Managers
  • Frontline Management: Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Hiring Winning Talent
  • HR Responsibilities for the New Supervisor
  • Influential Leadership Strategies
  • Leadership x 4: integrating generations
  • Leading Change Initiatives
  • Leading Successful Projects
  • Management Support for Training
  • Motivating Team Members
  • Performance Management Strategies
  • Solving Workplace Problems
  • Retaining Top Talent
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention for Supervisors
  • Supporting Change @
  • Strategic Interviewing



  • Achieving Communication Effectiveness
  • Event and Project Management
  • Lean Enterprise Solutions/5-S
  • Managing Stress
  • Measurable Management
  • Number Skills
  • Project Management
  • Proofamatics
  • Professionalism in the Office
  • Social Networking: Productivity Implications
  • The Visual Workplace
  • Time Management: Use your strengths


  • Attitudes for Success - Adventures in Attitudes?
  • Discovering Diversity
  • Improving Your Listening Skills
  • I-Sight: understanding behavior styles for teens
  • Relationship building: Making "getting along" easier
  • Work Expectations - Transforming Attitudes at Work


  • Capitalizing on Team Talents
  • Collaborative Skills for Teams
  • Improving Team Effectiveness
  • Reducing Team Conflict
  • Team Building - Innovating Teams Workshop


  • DiSCŪ Certification
    • Virtual Certification
    • Inscape Publishing Certification
  • Improv Skills for Trainers

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@ denotes a course that is available both online and in traditional classroom formats.