Whether you need one-on-one coaching for help in reaching performance or career goals - or you want to enhance your own coaching abilities - our skilled coaches can help you on your way!


  • DiSC Trainer Certification Training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Executive Coaching


Choose from a 2-day Everything DiSC Certification or the convenience of a Virtual Certification option. Or let us build a process that works best for you!

Everything DiSC Workplace Client Certification:
Provided by Wiley Workforce Solutions. Contact us for schedule and pricing.

Everything DiSC Virtual Certification:

The Virtual DiSC Certification process empowers trainers, coaches, and consultants to learn the DiSC model, administer DiSC learning tools, and then utilize the model and tools to meet their personal and organizational objectives.

The Virtual DiSC Certification incorporates a variety of DiSC-based training materials  with personalized DiSC telephone coaching. The Virtual DiSC Certification takes approximately 15 hours to complete.

Virtual DiSC Certification Participants Will Receive:

  • Over $2,500 of the newest and most effective DiSC materials for trainers, coaches, consultants, and others, ensuring you are prepared to deliver any type of DiSC session
  • Five one-on-one 60-minute phone coaching sessions with a DiSC Trainer who has been certified by Wiley Workforce Solutions.
  • Flexibility with your schedule. Coaching sessions are scheduled at times that work best for you

Virtual DiSC Certification Process:

  1. Conduct your first DiSC call (1 of 5 one-hour phone coaching discussions) with your Master Trainer to discuss the objectives for your upcoming DiSC training program.  At this time you will also schedule your four additional DiSC training calls.
  2. Complete the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile  and print the results on your printer.
  3. Conduct a phone discussion (2nd of 5) with your Master Trainer (60-90 minutes to discuss DiSC concepts).
  4. Read your personalized 21-page Report and prepare a list of potential applications.
  5. Conduct a phone discussion (3rd of 5) with your Master Trainer to discuss the EPIC Assessment Center,and the various Everything DiSC profiles: Workplace, Sales, Manager, Work of Leaders.
  6. Administer and interpret an Everything DiSC Workplace profile to one other person.
  7. Review your Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit and design a preliminary outline for your upcoming DiSC training session.
  8. Conduct a phone discussion (4th of 5) with your Master Trainer to accomplish the following:
    • Discuss your experience with administering the Everything DiSC Wolrkplace profile
    • Design a reinforcement program to keep the DiSC concepts alive in your organization: Everything DiSC Comparison Reports, supporting and reinforcement activities
  9. Conduct your DiSC training session.
  10. Make a follow-up call (5th of 5) to your Master Trainer to discuss your DiSC training experience and to further refine the seminar.
  11. Complete an evaluation of the DiSC Certification. (You will receive a certificate upon completion.)

$2,895 / person



What is AltrexPS coaching?

We define coaching as a one to one professional relationship designed to help individuals in key positions achieve desired performance changes for results. It is designed to fit the specific needs of the individual and the organization. The skilled AltrexPS coach becomes a resource partner for individuals who need (or want) to make an accelerated breakthrough in terms of results or satisfaction in their job, career, or life. As coaches, we are trained at listening, clarifying desired results, and facilitating problem-solving and decision-making.

Where does coaching take place?

We do a lot of our coaching by phone. This offers the client the flexibility of scheduling a coaching session at a mutually convenient time for both the client and coach. It saves time in traveling to and from coaching appointments. If possible, we do like to have an initial meeting in person. This is usually followed by phone sessions. If you prefer, we will arrange for coaching in-person sessions at a place that is convenient for you.

How do I set up coaching services for myself?

Getting started is easy. We will set up an initial ?getting started? phone session (up to 30 minutes) to get to know more about you and to learn about your goals for enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. This initial conversation helps us determine if coaching is a good fit, and if so, we will talk with you about some of the ways we can work together. We will discuss our process, the Coaching Agreement and Plan, and setting the schedule. Once the Coaching Agreement is signed, we are reading to set the first sessions. This process helps us customize a solution built just for you!

How do organizations set up coaching services for their employees?

Most of our coaching work starts with a call from a Human Resources professional or from the manager of the person to be coached. We discuss the types of services that are desired and goals or desired results. After agreeing on the overall services to be provided, the organization authorizes a purchase order, and we start the coaching process with the person to be coached.

Performance coaching helps individuals:

    • Understand their potential
    • Identify the barriers that are preventing them from realizing their potential
    • Set objectives for future performance
    • Develop a plan to reach these objectives
    • Monitor and evaluate progress

The process of Performance Coaching includes:

    • Initial meeting with coach to discuss coaching process and to begin to develop a trusting relationship
    • Assessment: Gathering feedback from others, self evaluations and inventories of preferences and style to define the individual's current performance profile
    • Meeting with coach to review assessment, identify focus areas, set goals and develop strategies to achieve goals
    • Follow up meetings with coach to review progress, guide actions and discuss insights
    • At appropriate intervals, evaluate progress toward goals

For a phone interview to discuss options, please contact Angela Lucente.


Altrex Performance Systems and associates helps those who are exploring a career or job change, whether it is a voluntary action on the part of the employee or the result of an unexpected termination from a job. 

Services provided include:

  • Assessments to help the employee discover his or her strengths and aptitudes
  • Counseling services to listen and make suggestions
  • Creating communications strategies
  • Resume writing and other related correspondence
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Ongoing support through transition

For a more information, please contact Angela Lucente.