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Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders

Your Everything DiSC 363 Profile Includes:

  • 22+ pages all about you, the leader
  • All-new, research-validated DiSC model
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read visuals
  • Rich data and feedback breakdowns
  • Comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • Three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness

Have an Unlimited Number of Raters Provide Feedback
The raters will provide feedback on 72 behaviors and comment using Inscape Publishing's exclusive selectable comments feature, CommentSmart. Raters choose from highly-tested, behavior focused comments that add richness, context, and depth to the feedback. This new system was designed to eliminate open-ended comments that are unfocused, hurtful, unhelpful, and can potentially derail the learning process.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Sample Report.

How to Utilize Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

1) Have AltrexPS Manage Your 363 Project

  • Notify your organization of the purpose, timeframe, and participants, and the commitment of the organization to the success of the 363 process using our DiSC Notification Templates.
  • Notify your leader that they’ve been selected to participate and provide them with a high-level overview of the 363 purpose and process using our DiSC 363 Leader Notification Template.
  • Place your order by clicking the Contact Us Link or calling us directly at 949.654.2534 - A quantity of 1 includes a report for one leader with an unlimited number of raters
  • The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders access code will be sent to the person placing the order
  • Forward the email to leader. They will complete a 79-item DiSC assessment and rate themselves on 72 leadership behaviors
  • Download our DiSC 363 Rater Spreadsheet - follow the instructions carefully and return to AltrexPS within 2 business days
  • Notify your raters that they’ve been selected to give feedback on the leader using the Rater Introduction Template
  • We will send the feedback access code to your raters and follow up to ensure completion
  • We will generate and email the final Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Report and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Coaching Supplement.  
  • Optional Phone Coaching: Have our Inscape Certified DiSC Trainer provide coaching to your leaders to help them get the most out of their Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Report. This is an additional service. Please call 949.654.2534 for details.

2) Manage Your Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Projects Using Your Own EPIC Account

  • Choose this option if you want more control over your Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Projects:
    • You decide when individuals can view their profiles
    • Remove or rearrange pages
    • Customize the report title
    • Print only certain sections
    • Run UNLIMITED Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Coaching Supplements at no additional charge
    • Run UNLIMITED one-on-one Everything DiSC Comparison Reports at no additional charge

  • Already have EPIC?
    Contact us to add access to the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders in your EPIC Account.
  • Don't have an EPIC Account yet?
    Get your free with purchase. 

Call 949.654.2534 for Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders information and pricing details.

Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders Validation

Click to view the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Validation Report. 

Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders Questions?

Call AltrexPS at 949.654.2534 for assistance from an Inscape DiSC Certified trainer.

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